Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DIY planet rehabilitation

While those in power are quibbling over the economic impacts of reducing our carbon footprint and haggling over how to apportion/regulate our limited supply of fresh water, and while the UN posts warnings of increasing food security problems, there are many, many "little" :) people who are quietly (and not so quietly!) getting on with "doing it themselves". Call it DIY planet rehabilitation if you like.

Household by household, we are reducing our own carbon footprint, collecting and reusing our own water, and growing our own food. We are getting on with the business of sustainable living without waiting for decisions and action from people in power.  In that sense, this is a DIY blog.

It is also a DIY blog in the traditional sense of DIY - projects we can do ourselves instead of hiring experts to do them for us. DIY projects, especially original ones, tend to involve a good deal of trial and error. Please email me about your own sustainability-oriented DIY projects so that I can publish your ideas here. Allow others to learn from your mistakes and copy your tried-and-tested successes! Also feel free to use the comment function to suggest improvements and alternatives to the methods described in this blog or to add additional useful information. Enjoy!


1 million women


Climate Code Red

Geelong Sustainability Group

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